Hi and welcome to my journal! I’m a surfer living in Porthcawl, Wales who has a passion for writing, languages and of course, wave-riding. Growing up in Gower, surrounded by the sea instilled a lifelong love for the ocean. Although I dabbled with surfing, I became addicted to running fast in circles, competing internationally on the track for my country. But after years of training, competing and city-living, I switched from chasing times to running with the tides and followed the call of the sea to Porthcawl to re-connect with surfing.

Settling by the coast and spending time being immersed in water has been ideal kindling for writing and I wanted to create a space where I could share my adventures living by the ocean, as well as the challenges and joy of starting surfing again in my 30s with pregnancy and parenthood thrown into the mix.

So if you are a lover of the sea, and want to discuss surfing and writing I’d love to hear from you.



With thanks to Chrissie Baldwin for the above pic. You can see more of Chrissie’s work here.